Terms & Conditions

1. The contract shall be deemed closed upon performance by Landlord and Guest of all obligations under the contract. Landlord agrees that the net rental proceeds will only be released after Holidays Travel Club has confirmed the reservation is available for the Guest usage. All parties declare that escrow/closing agent and/or Holidays Travel Club shall be held harmless for any and all disputes which may arise after funds are released and the transaction deemed closed.

2. The contract is not assignable. This contract may be executed in a number of identical counterparts, which, taken together, shall constitute collectively one (1) contract. A legible facsimile copy of this contract and any signatures thereon shall be considered for all purposes as an original.

3. Property shall be available to the Guest for the full duration of the lease. Guest agrees and understands that some amenities and activities at the Villa/resort may require an additional fee payable upon usage, and that Landlord’s obligation is to provide lodging accommodations only. Landlord makes no promise as to the availability of any or all amenities.

4. If Guest chooses to utilize the services of an independent third party escrow agent; Guest shall pay all escrow and administrative costs including document preparation fees, fees for processing and escrow services, and Villa reservation fees. A third party escrow service is not required for this transaction.

5. This agreement is based solely upon Guest personal decision to lease the stated Villa, and not upon any representations or warranties of condition by the Landlord or Holidays Travel Club.

6. Any risk of loss or damage to the property shall be the Landlord’s responsibility until the check-in day. If, prior to check-in, the property is closed due to threat or damage by fire, flood, explosion, storm, or any other cause, Guest shall have the right to rescind this agreement and be refunded any escrow deposits received. In such event, Landlord shall be determined to be in default. Guest shall be solely responsible for any damage or loss to the property during the term of this rental agreement. Guest accepts that the Villa management company shall require a damage deposit or credit card authorization upon check in, and agrees to hold harmless both Landlord and Holidays Travel Club for any dispute which may occur between Guest and Villa.

7. This Contract is binding upon all parties who sign it and all who succeed to their rights and responsibilities. It replaces and cancels any prior written or verbal understandings and agreements. No agreement or representations, unless incorporated in this contract shall be binding upon any of the parties. This contract can only be changed by an Addendum executed by both Guest and Landlord. This Contract shall not be considered binding until both parties have executed and delivered identical counterparts to the Closing Agent and/or Holidays Travel Club If any part of this agreement is found to be unlawful, all other clauses shall still be considered to be binding

8. Villa shall be occupied by no more than the maximum number of occupants allowed by the Landlord.  Guest agrees to abide by all policies set by the Property management. Guest agrees to refrain from loud noise and to return unit in clean sanitary rent-able condition or to pay costs of same. Guest is financially responsible for any damage done to the property during the term of this rental agreement. Guest is financially responsible for any and all incidental room charges and government transient taxes and/or surcharges that may be charged. Guest agrees that no pets shall be allowed in the vacation property without express written permission of the Landlord.

9. If Guest defaults or cancels this leasehold, then all monies collected by the closing agent and/or Holidays Travel Club are to be released subject to the cancellation fee stated in Clause one (1). If Landlord defaults or cancels this leasehold after execution, then all monies collected by the closing agent and/or Holidays Travel Club are to be immediately released to the Guest as liquidated damages and Guest sole remedy and Landlord shall then be liable for the cancellation fee shown above. Guest accepts that an independent travel insurance policy is highly recommended, and it is the Guest sole responsibility to secure a travel policy.

10. Property is rented as is with no guarantee of amenity or condition. Guest accepts that villas are maintained by the Property management company, and that any issues regarding upkeep or repair must be resolved by the property management company. Guest agrees to hold harmless both Landlord and Holidays Travel Club for any unresolved disputes between Guest and the Property.

11. There is no cancellation or rescission period for this transaction. Neither Renter nor Landlord may cancel this contract to lease after the date each party executes this agreement. If Renter cannot or does not use the vacation property as indicated, all funds shall be deemed forfeit and released per the original rental terms.

12. Other Agreements and Disclosures:

Time is of the essence with this transaction. We cannot finalize this reservation until all documents and payment have been processed. Availability is subject to change without notice, so please complete your agreement as soon as possible. Guest must provide guest name 30 days from the arrival date. Once the guest names are added, they cannot be modified or changed. Guest named must be present at the time of check in and must provide the front desk with a valid photo ID and a credit card to be used for any charges billed to the room. There is  a minimum age requirement of 21 yrs old for check in. Please contact your rental associate or the concierge if you need further information. Final unit assignment to be given by the concierge at check in. No specific view or unit location can be promised, and the resort reserves the right to require a room change during the stay if deemed necessary. There is a per person fee for the attractions shuttle service if used. No over sized vehicles or trailer parking is allowed.

13. No refunds if cancelled within 30 days from the Arrival date.

Full refunds if cancelled 30 days out from the Arrival date.

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